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Shaking the News

Date TBD | Mountain View, California


“The Big One” – we all know it’s coming, but what happens when it does? What if the infrastructure we rely upon is wiped out and the way we distribute and access information is compromised? This TechRaking will feature a real-time role-playing simulation of a major natural disaster to explore tools, tactics and technology that will ensure communities get the information they need.

Participants will break into teams that will confront challenges designed by an expert team of engineers, government officials and game designers. As the day progresses, the levels will become increasingly complex and dynamic, forcing the winning team to design elegant and novel solutions for journalism in times of crisis.

More details to come soon!

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TechRaking is a conference series produced by The Center for Investigative Reporting that is dedicated to creating collaborations between journalists and innovators who are working at the intersection of investigative reporting and technology. The goal of these conferences is to bring these two forces together to create solutions to the many challenges and opportunities facing the news industry today, and ultimately to further engage citizens in the issues affecting their lives and communities.


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